I never thought I would be going out in Africa nor want to drink with it being so hot here. Surprisingly, it cools off at night to the perfect temperature for jeans and a tank top. It's quite hot during the day and it's even worse since we can't show our knees or shoulders in public. I made the mistake of doing this when we went into town. I was being stared at and luckily didn't get yelled at like another girl had happened. It was a bit awkward, but luckily I was in a group of people. We get stared at quite often and are referred to as "mzungas" which means white person in swahili. 

Wednesday nights here are karaoke night at a bar called Empire. We went there and classicaly, had to sing a song or two. We decided to sing "It Wasn't Me" with some locals here. They sang the majority and we just chimed in to say it wasn't me. They take their karaoke a bit seriously here though and laugh at us when we got up there. Not that we minded. Also, jager bombs are a big hit here which was news to me. If Jer had had his wedding reception here, Uncle Dick would have been a baller buying rounds of jager bombs as one round of jager bombs at the wedding is the equivalent to about 7 or 8 rounds here. If only they knew what vegas bombs were! Molly, you would not survive here haha! We have to take cabs everywhere and people do not believe in seat belts here or a maximum capacity to a car. We ghetto pack the cabs and fit quite a few people in whi

Thursday night we went out to an outdoor bar called Via Via. There are a few hut bars and some bathrooms there. There is also a fire pit where people sit and hang out around the fire and picnic tables to sit and smoke hookah at. There is a dj booth and at the bottom of the entire place is a huge dance floor where everyone dances. The music here is similar to that back home but they also have some different songs that are actually quite catchy! We danced the night away and had a wonderful time just hanging out with one another. When we went to leave, we actually walked out to see a cat fight happen across the street. This big black woman in her 30's ran across the street after this skinny black girl in her 20's who had on stilletos. Next thing we knew, the older woman was pulling the other girls hair and she was screaming. They were going at it and a guy moved his car out of the way so it wouldn't get damaged. A lot of people were watching it happen and no one stepped into help. Us being mzungas and all casually walked back into the bar following a few locals as we didn't want to get involved. 

We took Friday night off and just hung out at the house with one another. Another girls dad was in town and he took a large group of us out to dinner. I order a tortilla sandwich (quesadilla as we would call it) and came to find my mouth on fire from the hot chile peppers in it. Saturday during the day we went to Massai market (picture above) to do some shopping for my friends and family. I got this really cool picture for my dad made out of banana leaves. It's lions out in the jungle and looks really cool! Bracelets are a big thing here and my wrists are slowly but surely beginning to fill up with bracelets. 
Saturday evening we went out to a local place where we were the only mzungas there! It's called Babylon and boy was it wild. Everyone was dancing and getting wild. Almost all of the volunteers went out together that night and we had a great time. Unfortunately, I had to use the bathroom there and most public bathrooms here do not have a toilet but a squat hole. It was my first experience squating to pee and I had worn pants which made it all the more difficult. Let's just say it was an experience I'll never forget and one I expect I'll become better at doing in the next few weeks. Many women here pee with the door wide open and their business out for the world to see. 

We came home and ate some toast but then found out a local friend of some people, Zac, was out at Massai camp along with some other volunteers. With a little last minute planning and decision making, we left the house around 2:30 am to go and see what this place was all about. It was a giant hut with a bar and dance floor where we saw some of our local friends and danced until very late. To our surprise, we made it home way later than we had imagined, but it was a good night for all.

Sunday we all needed to relax and take a break, which was a bit hard to do with it being so hot here. We ended up going to one of the hotel pools for the day and paying to use the pool to cool off and cure our hangovers. El and I ended up looking at the menu and the first thing we both saw was chocolate brownie. Naturally, we had to have it seeing as we never get dessert with our meals at the house :( I miss those deeg m&m cookies and desserts all the time but my waistline sure doesn't. The only other time I eat dessert is when I go to town to use the free wi-fi at a gelato store, which of course I HAVE to have if I'm there. (Picture at top and right here are of the pool and hotel we spent the day at).

It was a pretty good first week and weekend here overall. So great in fact, I decided to extend my trip another week. Who would have thought that the girl who originally was only going to go for 2 weeks was convinced to do 3 and now changed to 4. At this rate, I may never be coming back to the US. We are currently in the process of possibly booking a getaway for next weekend to Uganda to do some white water rafting on the Nile River and explore a bit! :) So exciting and unbelievably cheap! My fingers are crossed it all works out for us to go as it sounds like a great time! 


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