After a long 30 hours of flying, layovers, and driving, I have finally made it home sweet home to the deeg. It came to no surprise to find out on my drive back to the house I had tickets to the game tonight and they were our best tickets all season, behind the basket. So like anyone else would do, I dragged myself to the game and watched my Hoosiers win against Nebraska! We even got to hold two of the heads and naturally one of them was a giraffe. So perfect!
My flights were pretty long and I slept for most of them. I flew from Kili to Dar es Salam to Amsterdam to Detroit to Indy. My flight from Africa to Amsterdam I don't remember much other than freaking the woman next to me out. I was half asleep and woke up thinking it was time for placement and nudged her saying "kris are you up?" Like I usually did in the stables. The woman stared at me and didn't seem too pleased. Whoops!
Amsterdam to Detroit I got super lucky and ended up having the two seats in my row to myself. It was so spacious and wonderful to have. I sprawled out and really enjoyed myself. As soon as we landed I was a bit confused how customs worked but a group of people going to Indy helped me out. They had been on a mission trip in Tanzania for the past two weeks and it was fun to hear their stories. As soon as we got through immigration, rechecked our bags and got through security again, I b lined it straight for some real food.
On the way, we went through this awesome light tunnel that hanged with music. Sloane had told me I had to see it and lucky enough I found it! Once we got to our gate Fuddrukers was right next to it and I sat and enjoyed my first meal home, which was a very American meal! Ah it's so nice to have real food again. At the house we had meat loaf for dinner and mashed potatoes which I passed on. I'm okay with not having potatoes for a while. Big shock I know! Instead, I had a bowl of cereal which was amazing! I haven't had milk in a month and it was so delicious �� it's nice to be home but I miss all of my kids and friends in Africa. Adjusting is going to be interesting but I am sure I will manage. Today I have a months worth of laundry to do which is always so much fun! At least it is going to be way easier with a laundry machine than by hand like they do in Africa! It's the little things I have an even greater appreciation for now. My goal is to complain less and be happy with all I have. I live a wonderful life with so much more than they have in Africa. I'm not saying I won't ever complain because I'm human but I am going to be more conscious of it. It was an amazing trip and I learned so much about life, other cultures, people, and a lot about myself. Thanks to everyone for all of their love and support while I was gone. Missed you all and am excited to see what my last few months of college have in store for me!

With love from Bloomington, Indiana now,


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