After a hectic time in the airport I have finally arrived in Arusha. My flight from Indy was delayed which got me into NYC JFK airport late. I was that crazy person who was running through the airport trying to catch my flight to Amsterdam. I made it in the knick of time for final boarding call. Once on the plane, I was happy to sit and relax with a dinner which included my own personal bottle of wine. I didn't want to get merloaded as Chrissy would say so I stuck with my typical white wine.
8 hours later I was in Amsterdam and exploring the airport filled with all sorts of fun things. I went toHolland Boulevard and payed a visit to the free museum and then into the gift shop. It was very interesting and filled with many historic paintings. They are also very into elephants as the gift shop was filled with various elephant items.
I then moved toward my gate to find this delightful little cafeteria where it was brightly colored and had teacups in the corner as tables. Naturally, I had to sit and eat in one of then even though I sat alone. I ate a Dutch delicacy for kids breakfast called jeopettes. They are mini pancakes which were actually very delicious! Something very interesting was the use of real silverware and plates and cups. It was as if they do not believe in waste. I actually enjoyed it a lot as I didn't have to eat off a paper plate with a plastic fork.
The volunteer house compound is great and I'll definitely add photos soon. I am living in a room with 10 other girls called "the stable" since we are in the building right behind the house. There are 25 people living at our house all together and it is known as the old house. The new house holds 14 people and the home stays have 6 and 11 people at them. Our home has a gate to get to it and lies at the back of a dirt road. We have a couple of Masaai warriors as our security guards. Thomas is one of them and he has Masaai burns on his face since he has killed 2 lions. Well more to come and photos from my first day at placement later. Missing you all!

With love from Africa,


01/16/2013 11:05pm

Love the post by bestie! Glad you arrived safely and are having fun. Just FYI the pictures aren't showing up :( But I think I liked them all already on instagram :) Thinking of you! XO


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