After an eventful night Saturday, we woke up early this morning and decided to venture to Moshi to tour a coffee plantation.We then got off the dala and on to a bus where I was squished and uncomfortable for two hours. The woman in front of me and I argued over the window without saying a word. I would look away and she would close it and then I would reopen it. It was a painful bus ride and it didn't help I was sick with a stomach bug from here. I spoke too soon as everyone else has been sick and my time finally came. It was an eventful bus ride to say the least. Vanessa was laughing hysterically the whole time while I was near tears at one point.
We were all angry elves this morning! We ran into a few glitches and they tried to rip us off. Little did they know we're not stupid mzungus!
We ate a delicious lunch once we got to the coffee plantation. The banana soup was absolutely delicious and my main meal consisted of potatoes as I don't trust the meat here. I used to love potatoes but am thinking I've had enough to last me a few months or a year.
We continued on to pick the beans and learned the red ones are ripe. You use a machine to get the beans out an then soak them an dry them. Once done you have to take another layer off of the bean and then brown the beans. Once they are roasted, we ground the beans and made fresh cups of coffee.
It was an extremely interesting tour and I learned just how much effort goes into making coffee. We had a day filled with many laughs from me being sick. Kris and I got to share our first experience pooping in a squat hole toilet. It was an adventure and workout all in one. Out of fear of having an issue, I took my pants off and was successful! Thank goodness!

We took Vanessa to celebrate her birthday today since I won't be here for it. She had a wonderful day and we are still up celebrating.
We found one place in Africa that was showing the Super Bowl and came to watch. Kick off was at 2:30 am and we're still here watching. Lucky for me I got to have a burger and fries that was delicious. I take any and all American food when I get the chance to compared to African food.
They even had Heinz ketchup here which is hard to come by. It's a Super Bowl I will always remember with 9 of my roommates and the craziness in the night. It's been a very long day but a great one at that. I cannot wait to climb into my bed and sleep all day as well!

With love from Africa,


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