This week has been very busy and I haven't had too much time to blog. My apologies! I spent a lot of time this week at our school working with the kids. Teacher Andrew calls me the music teacher because I like to teach the kids songs!
The kids are very cute and always listen so well! Not! They are little terrors at times and will pinch and hit me all day long even after I yell hapana or acha at them, which means no and stop.
We went to watch the Super Bowl at a bar here in town. The only bar showing the Super Bowl in Tanzania to be exact. Lucky us! The game didn't start till 2:30 am and we didn't get home till about 7am. To say we were tired would be an understatement. It was a fun game and we had the whole bar to ourselves. When it was daylight, we stepped outside and thought we were in a different place. It was suburbia Africa and a rare sight here. It was like I was home for a hot second.
It gets a bit cold here at night and lucky us we found a hand dryer in the bathroom at 620 am. At least we used it as much as possible once we found it. It's the only one i have seen in all of Africa!
I made a bet with Vanessa which I lost due to a need for a shower. We have run out of water everyday this week making it hard to shower. We wanted to see who could go longer without a shower. I lasted six days and had to give in on account I had an African funeral to go to. I ended up having to wash Vanessa's feet and brush her teeth. Lucky me!
It's been raining here a lot so we decided to buy ourselves some cute umbrellas. Vanessa got a pink kitty and I got a frog! Can't wait to walk around campus with it but I hope I don't get stared at like a weird Asian or something.
Missing my family and friends lots and hope you all are doing well.

With love from Africa,


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