At school they had a going away assembly for me which was awesome. These people are absolutely amazing an I am going to miss them dearly. They are my African family I spend every day with here whether it is walking around the community visiting children, supporting one another by going to a funeral, sharing laughs in the kitchen, or teaching the children together. Andrew, Happy, Glory, and Frank are doing a great thing for these kids and I hope to be able to offer them as much support as possible in the future as they struggle through lots of difficulties.
I was presented with a gorgeous kanga I look forward to finding a way to use and a certificate of my work here. These people will be with me wherever I go in spirit and missed dearly.
UThey are such hard workers and I wish there was more I could do to help them. Later in the day I spent it relaxing in town with Vanessa and my local rafiki, ADill pickle having fun and joking around. Men here do not let women carry anything so these two were my bitch boys for the day! He has taught me a wide array of dirty words I look forward to sharing with all my friends. We then went out to a delicious dinner at the palace hotel Arusha where I ate a delicious steak with chips and wine. It was a great evening I shared with all of my favorite people here. I came home from dinner to find my bunk decorated for me which was amazing! I'll miss this place and all the people I have met here but look forward to the adventures in store for me. I have places all over the world to visit and a trip to Vegas this summer already in the works! Time for some last minute errands before my flight tonight to come home and eat REAL food again!!!

With love from Africa,


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